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What This Means For You

Matt Tourtlotte is thrilled to announce that attorney A.J. Miller has joined TOURTLOTTE LAW FIRM to form MILLER TOURTLOTTE LAW, now a two-partner law firm specializing in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and insurance bad faith claims. This transformation signifies a significant enhancement in our ability to serve you better. With our expanded team of experienced attorneys, we can provide even more personalized attention to your cases, ensuring that you receive the highest level of legal representation. This change also brings a wider range of expertise, allowing us to tackle your legal challenges more comprehensively. We are committed to continuing our tradition of fighting vigorously for your rights and delivering the best possible outcomes for your case. MILLER TOURTLOTTE LAW is here to offer you stronger advocacy and increased resources to ensure your legal needs are met effectively and efficiently.

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Our Areas of Expertise

At MILLER TOURTLOTTE LAW, we are dedicated to providing top-notch legal representation in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and insurance bad faith, ensuring that our clients receive the focused attention and expert counsel they deserve. With a track record of successful outcomes, we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of these fields, advocating fiercely for our clients’ rights. Whether you’re facing a personal injury claim, seeking compensation for a workplace injury, or being taken advantage of by an insurance company, you can rely on MILLER TOURTLOTTE LAW to be your trusted legal advocate throughout the process. 

Matt Tourtlotte

Matt Tourtlotte has more than a decade of experience working with insurance companies. He knows the insurance company game and understands:

  • How the insurance company evaluates your claim.
  • The steps the company must take to properly investigate your claim.
  • The methods the company will use to pay less than you deserve.
  • Matt is experienced at filing lawsuits directly against the insurance company.

Since 2014 his exclusive behind the scenes knowledge has helped hundreds of clients achieve amazing results for their injury, auto accident, worker’s compensation, and insurance coverage claims. Matt will fight for your rights by staying one step ahead of the big corporations and he will hold them accountable for your loss.  Matt Tourtlotte and A.J. Miller are excited to bring your fight to the big corporations. When it matters most, make sure you have experience on your side. Call Matt Tourtlotte at Miller Tourtlotte Law today.

A.J. Miller

A.J. Miller brings a wealth of legal experience to the firm. He grew up in Montana and earned his law degree from the University of Montana School of Law in 2012. Since then, he has dedicated most of his career to representing injured parties in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

With over a decade of legal practice, A.J., like Matt, possesses a unique perspective, having spent his first years out of law school working for insurance companies and having a front seat to their inner workings before transitioning to advocate for those in need.

Throughout his career, A.J. has achieved numerous high-dollar settlements for his clients and has taken cases to verdict. He recognizes that each client is unique and employs an empathetic, understanding, and creative approach to each case to give his clients the best opportunity to succeed.

Your Rights Matter

As a citizen of Montana, you have rights. When those rights are violated, you expect to be compensated for any financial hardships that may arise. Unfortunately, most people aren’t fully compensated. With our help, you can find justice if you were the victim of:

Automobile Accident

Workers’ Compensation

Construction Accidents

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Bad Faith

Faulty Construction

Elderly Abuse / Facility Negligence

Other Areas

Miller Tourtlotte Law

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Miller Tourtlotte Law

Forest Park Professional Center
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Billings MT 59102

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