Main Types Of Construction Defects

Main Types Of Construction Defects

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July 25, 2019

construction accidents billings, construction accident attorney billings, construction defect attorneyConstruction defects are a major problem and pain to deal with. When you hire a contractor to construct a home or business building, you are trusting them to have the knowledge, understanding, competency, and skill to do it 100% correctly. When they don’t, they have broken a promise to you. When you hire a professional construction company to do a job, you should NEVER have to worry if it will be done the right way, and finding out later, after the job is supposed to be complete, is a nightmare that you should not have to deal with.

Surprisingly, many home and business owners are not aware of their legal rights when they find construction defects in their newly built property. Some of the more common defects are found in the structural integrity of the property ? this includes the carpentry, the concrete and the masonry. But there are many other places that construction defects pop up. Here are some of the most common:

Design Flaws

When architects or engineers are not up to specific codes, this results in design flaws. The roof is a great example of a design deficiency. If the roof design allows water penetration, inadequate support or poor drainage, the deficiency becomes a big issue.

Material Problems

Buildings are not intended to be made out of fragile or inferior building materials. When they are, major problems occur. This also applies to material that has been warn or damaged during the building process. Material defects often appears as deterioration of the building materials like particle board, drywall, building paper, and other wall products. Damaged material will not keep up and will cause bigger problems to the structure of the property.

Construction Defects

Major construction defects are a result of poor quality of workmanship. Construction defects manifest as water infiltration, foundation and wall cracks, dry rotting of wood, electric/mechanical issues, plumbing leaks, and pet infestation. Construction defects occur during the actual construction process and can be blamed on laziness or carelessness during construction.

Construction defects do not cause minor damage to a home or business property. Construction defects result in monumental damage. Many defects are not noticeable in the beginning and may not be found for some time. Because many construction issues go unnoticed, disputes regarding construction flaws can be complicated. If you are considering taking legal action against a contractor or company because of construction defects to your home or business, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney that knows all of the laws surrounding construction accidents.

In Billings, Montana, Miller Tourtlotte Law has professional and experienced lawyers who have handled complicated construction accident cases and won them. Without the help of an attorney, you may miss important details, deadlines, and information that is crucial to your case. Don’t waste your time and money by trying to handle a construction accident case on your own, contact our professional team so that we can help you determine what needs to happen for justice to be served.

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