Reporting A Dog Bite Injury In Bozeman

Reporting A Dog Bite Injury In Bozeman

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September 25, 2021

dog bite lawyer bozemanSerious and horrific dog bite injuries happen every year that require emergency medical treatment. Unfortunately for the victims of dog bites, these injuries often lead to permanent damage and disfigurement. In extreme cases, death has been reported. Young children are often the most seriously injured by dog bites. When a child is attacked by a dog, many require long-term hospitalization and after care. But extensive care does not mean that the children will recover completely.

Victims of dog bites should immediately report the injury. Reporting a dog bite can stop dangerous dogs, decrease the risk of further injuries to others, and will lay the groundwork for possible liability claims. Miller Tourtlotte Law Firm in Bozeman insists that filing a report should be one of the very first steps every victim should take after a dog bite.

Taking the steps to file a report with the local sheriff’s office and with the local animal shelter may take some time but it can save others from experiencing something similar. Reporting dog bites is also 100% critical when it comes to filing a lawsuit and winning compensation for the injury and medical treatment. Compensation can be awarded for hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, and long-term treatment.

Contacting A Dog Bite Lawyer In Bozeman

After you have received medical treatment and filed a report with the necessary agencies, you want to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney who has worked with dog bite victims. Miller Tourtlotte Law Firm has extensive experience handling dog bite cases in Montana and can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and what steps to take next.

There are specific deadlines and timelines that victims must follow in order to follow a successful dog bite lawsuit. If the claim is not filed within the timeframe, compensation will be lost forever. So, victims need to act quickly and allow enough time for a layer to build the case and file it.

To establish a strong case, your attorney will collect detailed information from you regarding the dog bite and the injuries. Your lawyer will establish

  • That the dog bite caused the injury
  • That the incident happened on public property
  • That the incident happened within town limits
  • That the dog was not provoked by the victim
  • And other pertinent information

Residents are protected from dangerous dogs in Montana through strict liability laws. That means that the owner’s dog is liable for an attack if the dog was not provoked, even if the dog does not display any signs of being vicious, aggressive, or dangerous.  Dog bite injuries can be much more extensive than people realize and to receive the proper compensation, victims should be diligent in taking the appropriate steps to start a claim.

Don’t put off reporting the incident or reaching out to a reputable dog bite lawyer like those at Miller Tourtlotte Law Firm in Bozeman. Getting the best guidance and advice by experienced attornies can help your claim go through faster and more smoothly. Get the help that you need – contact our professional experts today!

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